About Me

I’m Kate Findley, a Los Angeles-based copywriter. I specialize in the personal development market, particularly in topics such as motivation, achievement, and alternative wellness.

Having worked on the publishing staff of a literary press, I am a meticulous editor who won’t stop until every comma is in just the right place.

As a short story author, I understand the power of stories to entertain and persuade. If you want potential customers to connect with your company, they must be able to see how you fit into their life stories and can help them to improve their lives.

My journalism background has taught me how to exhaustively research any topic and uncover the facts, all under a tight deadline. I will get to know your product inside and out to find your USP and give your prospects the reassurance they need to choose you over everyone else.

I also bring my teaching experience to the table, delivering writing that informs and educates. My engaging style makes complex subject matter clear and comprehensible for any reader.

I received my BA in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California and my MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design, where I was a top fellowship recipient. I am a member of the American Writers & Artists Inc. Professional Writers’ Alliance, where I recently won a Monthly Writing Challenge.